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My most recent comix project. I'm working with the talented Eric Moro. We developed a strip for daily syndication which covered the trials and tribulations of the internet age, from a home-based perspective. The basis for the idea - and the name, which we worked with the originators of - can be found at the you-knew-this-was-coming



This was my main strip from 1989 or thereabouts until 1993. Bill Weaver co-created the strip with the very gifted Tim Hittle, the creator of Jay Clay, who also later went to to lead animate for Gumby and (very cool) the character of Jack in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The man left some large shoes to fill.

Someday, I'd love to post the Hittle strips here or link to 'em - they are great, and were what inspired me to try to fill in for him when he and the Weave quit drawing the strips.



I drew this in 1990, shortly after moving to Seattle. As with most of my work from this time, it's freehand, direct to paper with a fountain pen. I was working from a very rough script. The main character is based on a good pal of mine (as are several other of the main characters) and as I finished it, I received word that he'd taken his life. We miss you Steve; you'll never know how much we loved you.

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An early piece in which I hold forth on art, and art criticism, and magic, and stuff. I think that this was drawn before I began to draw Octogon

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I really do look like this. Honest.

I've been a scribbler since I was a tot. I became fascinated with logos and graphic design in general when I was a teenager, and began woking in that area while in high school. At college, I opted for the fine arts instead of the graphic ones, a decision I wonder about from time to time. While there I discovered I can reason and put words together relatively well.

Upon moving to Seattle in 1990 I worked, breifly, as an art historian, and then as a designer of logos for local labor unions at a specialty advertising company. Then, I was hired as a production artist at a CD-ROM multimedia company, which went belly up, but not before I had gotten my hands on the tiny, quivering infant website that had been birthed there.

Now, it's time to combine both sides of my brain, and both sides of my business experience. Find out more, if you dare, at | email mike | site contents (c) 1989-2001 mike whybark & co-creators